About Us

About Us

Samurai, a Zen state of mind, as it’s often expressed, represents a peaceful yet an exciting way of living life in the present. Inspired from the same philosophy, Samurai Fitness stands for all things positive and stimulating that help steer a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it is about bringing you closer to your dream shape or helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, Samurai Fitness is determined to give wings to your fitness goals. It is a performance inspired space that focuses on designing fun, innovative exercises and activities that cater to the needs and goals of each individual. Since the experience is so personalized, each workout session, which is a mix of conventional exercises and creative activities, feels like a big party.

We Are Ready to Help You To Get Perfect Fitness!

Samurai Fitness is founded by the fiery and flamboyant – Mrs. Renu Sidhu - who defies all age stereotypes when it comes to fitness. Looking at all the awards and accolades she has bagged in various fitness competitions and her passion for great health and good shape, it's easy to forget that she is almost 50 years old. Samurai Fitness is an extension of her spirit.


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